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The Notorious Riviera Brothers “From A Box” New album out now!!


We are absolutely delighted to announce the newest addition to the One Sunny Day family:
The Notorious Riviera Brothers!!!
The Brothers are presenting their album debut “From A Box” and are now part of the One Sunny Day catalogue!
The lush and soulful approach to rock-infused 60ies Pop matches not only their skillfulness but also their knockout
stylistic command!!

Album snippets on Soundcloud:

Nacht der Museen


We are happy to announce that EARLY AUTUMN BREAK will be playing a show at the “Ballhaus” (Nordpark/Düsseldorf, next to the Aquazoo) as part of the “Nacht der Museen”.
They will perform two sets à 45 min at 8pm & 9:30pm
at the “3-Gang Menü” finissage.
Free admission!