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Any Of Both

AnyOfBoth / photo: Michael Koch

AnyOfBoth / photo: Michael Koch

We are very happy to welcome another new member to our little family here at
One Sunny Day Recordings:
Any Of Both – a Progressive-Indiepop band from Bonn, Dusseldorf and Essen.
Their new studio album “Recipes” will be released in early 2014.
We gave it a listen and, well – you better stay tuned – it’s brilliant!

Official website:

In Color

HM_Final Recordings

Final recordings for Hill Myna’s debut “In Color”!
Thanks to: Chris Bauer, Claus Schulte, David Schwager, Alek Precise & dem Maarwegstudio2

The first single “Today”will be up on April 19th! We are looking forward to it!