Riviera Brothers


The RIVIERA BROTHERS aren’t really BROTHERS, they have a short history and just made their debut album. But they have some stories to tell.

Roland Wolff, lead singer and guitar player, is also one half of the duo RIVIERA. Together with his sister he has released seven CDs in Japan, Korea and the Philippines, collaborated with the likes of Konishi Yasuharu of Pizzicato Five and Fantastic Plastic Machine, and was part of Tokyo’s Shibuya pop scene back in the early 2000s.

Sebastian Bauer, drummer with the RIVIERA BROTHERS, has a Master of Music degree. Besides making Rock’n Roll records, he’s writing books about all sorts of percussion. His first publication was a 150-page book about the snare drum; his current work lets us dive into the colorful world of the left rack tom.

Volker Botzkowski is the bass player. And it needs a lot of groove to pronounce his name correctly, baby! He is the musical archive on board the RIVIERA BROTHER’s mother ship. His huge CD collection covers most of the walls in his apartment, leaving the other BROTHERS pondering over quality and texture of the original wallpaper.

Holger Ruchatz-Riviera, guitarist and background singer, worked for two years as a string-tamer for Circus Roncalli, slashed his way through major deals, road shows and recording sessions with a variety of pop artitsts before reuniting with his former class mates Roland and Volker.

Together they create a well-structured sound – lush and colorful melodies that combine British guitar ease with German romance; lustful explorations of blues territory bound to teutonic drum engineering.



I Can’t Control

Allein zu Zweit



Little Sister

Cozy Daylight