Hill Myna


The name of the mynah bird was the inspiration for the five-piece band HILL MYNA. The debut album ” In Color ” features large-scale synth-driven art pop enriched with delicately arranged melodies and sounds. Conscious and unconscious influences converge and mix constantly with different styles and genres. In whatever way you approach HILL MYNA – there is impulses to find everywhere that can only be described with one word: potential cult. Be it the manifold analogies to some of music history’s magnificent artists or the continuous passion with which Stefan Hill devotes himself to his compositions.

Live HILL MYNA are

Drums: Janosch Brenneisen
Bass: Alex Kabisch
Gitarre: Niklas Dahlheimer
Gesang: Stefan Hill
Keys: Johannes Niehaus




Album Teaser

Waves And Sunset

In Color – Preview



Offizielle Homepage: www.hillmynamusic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hillmynamusic
Instagram: www.instagram.com/hillmynamusic
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