Early Autumn Break – Press


I don’t have Volume 1 right at hand to compare to, but I have reviewed this German folk rock band before. And they seem to still have that big bag of tricks where they cull from folk scenes around the world from the American West to the deep forests of the UK to points in Germany and France. They weave it together well and with bold production and strong vocals it more than holds together. I like big and bold, even in folk music, and Early Autumn Break is a great way to combine the haunting historic qualities of folk music with the vibrant exciting sounds of a live rock band or orchestra.

David Hintz / Folkworld #60


There is some really nice variety of folk styles on this record. But for the most part, this really takes me back to the folk, folk-rock and psychedelic folk scene of the UK from 1967 to 1978. I would not have guessed this from the band name and cover shot for this album. I also would not have guessed they are from Germany based on the sound, although there was some awesome German folk from that same UK period. The band is a male and female duo who both sing, often harmonizing through whole songs in the manner of one of my favorites of old, Bread, Love & Dreams. They employ acoustic guitar, flutes, keyboards, glockenspiel and several guest musicians of various strings and keyboards. If there was any doubt that this duo enjoys the UK folk scene of old, their cover of Pentangle’s “Light Flight” should dispel that doubt. I am not sure I have heard anyone else tackle this complex song that so well captured the swinging London vibe of the late sixties. But this duo nailed it, with nicely double tracked female vocals and great bass and guitar work. “Yes I Do” and “Like an Open Book” are great original songs with great vocal work and a strong folk presence in the arrangements. This one goes high on my listening list and it should be on yours as well. Whether you love the old folk scene or newer music, there are great songs here.

David Hintz / Folkworld Nr. 43



EARLY AUTUMN BREAK is a folk rock band, hailing from Duesseldorf, Germany. Their music is a blend of 60ies/70ies-influenced folk-rock with an alternative country feel and a genuine sense for the great songwriter tradition. Vocal harmonies meet fingerstyle guitar, mandolin, cello, bass, pedal steel guitar and a driving beat. Since the release of their 2nd album “Swimming With Children” through their own label One Sunny Day Recordings in 2010 they have been working feverishly on their live shows and the follow-up album “Farewell To The Juvenile Heart Volume 1″, released in August 2013. And 2016 finally saw the follow-up “Farewell To The Juvenile Heart Volume 2″.