Very much in the spirit of the Do-It-Yourself-Culture, the Duesseldorf based musicians Chris Bauer and Susan Bauszat decided to shorten their search for an adequate label to release the music of their band EARLY AUTUMN BREAK by founding their own label ONE SUNNY DAY RECORDINGS in 2010.
Since then the label has been growing up to a family of good-friend-bands and talented musicians who in this way are able to present their creative work independent of the vast music-business-playground.

Apart from “Farewell To The Juvenile Heart Volume 1″, the third album from the folkrocking EARLY AUTUMN BREAK, in 2013, there was also the RIVIERA BROTHER’s first release “From A Box”, featuring 60ies retro-mod-pop at its best.

2014 saw three releases: the debut album “Recipes” by the progressive-indie-outfit ANY OF BOTH, the first album “In Color” by alternative rock/synth-pop band HILL MYNA, as well as the solo album by RIVIERA BROTHER’ s mastermind ROLAND WOLFF “Feels So Easy Yeah!”.

In 2016 the Electro-Krautrockers RAUTE added their first EP to our catalogue.
And we finally saw the long awaited release of EARLY AUTUMN BREAK’s follow-up
“Farewell To The Juvenile Heart Volume 2″.
And to top that the Hamburg allrounder FRANK SCHMIECHEN released his solo debut on

ONE SUNNY DAY RECORDINGS – a moniker for quality music “Made in Germany”.

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